Stephen King's The Institute Targeted For TV Adaptation

Stephen King's The Institute Targeted For TV Adaptation

By James White Posted 5 days ago

One day, the sheer demand for Stephen King works that can be adapted will reach the point where companies invent technology to tear them straight from his noggin as they’re still cooking. For now, though, they have to be patient and wait until they’re on paper, with the latest, The Institute, already in the works.

David E. Kelley and Jack Bender, who have form with King stories via TV series Mr. Mercedes, are aboard to write (Kelley) and direct (Bender) a new show that adapts King’s latest novel, which hits the shops today.

The Institute hits some familiar King themes, as kids with extraordinary abilities are rounded up by sinister forces and taken to the titular organisation. There, they are kept in what is known as Front Half, and given tokens for the vending machines if they collaborate, and punished if they don’t. Everyone is afraid of Back Half, from which subjects never emerge…

“I’m delighted to be working with Jack and David, the creative team behind Mr. Mercedes,” said King in a statement. “We think alike, and I believe The Institute is going to be a great success.”

Spyglass Entertainment nabbed the rights to the book and have Kelley and Bender figuring out how to turn it into a miniseries. Mr. Mercedes, meanwhile, has already scored a third season.

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