Taika Waititi On For TV Comedy Reservation Dogs

Taika Waititi On For TV Comedy Reservation Dogs

By James White Posted 7 days ago

It’s getting to the point where Taika Waititi‘s family will be referring to him as “that bloke we see occasionally”. Because not content with having his next Marvel movie in development, promoting Jojo Rabbit, shooting his latest film, doc adaptation Next Goal Wins and taking roles in other people’s work, he’s now also attached to co-write, direct and produce a new TV comedy called Reservation Dogs.

With Sterlin Harjo as a fellow writer and executive producer, Dogs will follow four teenagers in a Native American housing project in Oklahoma who commit petty crime. All being well, and assuming Waititi doesn’t collapse from exhaustion between now and then, the cameras will be rolling this February in Oklahoma.

The director is clearly enthused by the project, as shown by his tweet on the subject.

Waititi is no stranger to TV, having been one of the team that successfully transferred What We Do In The Shadows to the small-screen and acting as executive producer on spin-off Wellington Paranormal.

Jojo Rabbit will be out in the UK on 1 January.

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