David Ayer Directing World War II Drama El-Alamein

David Ayer Directing World War II Drama El-Alamein

By James White Posted 8 Aug 2019

Having brought tank warfare to life in 2014 with World War II pic Fury, David Ayer is now in negotiations to head back to those times with new historical combat drama El-Alamein.

Lionsgate has a script by James Coyne (with the original penned by David Self) that charts James Montgomery and Britain’s Eighth Army’s battles again German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel in North Africa. With the allies defeat of the Italian forced, Rommel was ordered to engage, taking the Suez Canal and effectively routing the British. After several bloody battles and an assist from Australian and New Zealand forces, they once again turned the tide. And while Rommel was not given authorisation to retreat, he began withdrawing his forces.

Ayer’s making a deal to direct the movie, with Lionsgate aiming to have the cameras (and the tanks) rolling early next year. The director’s next film is crime drama The Tax Collector, which has yet to lock down a release date.

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