Doctor Sleep: New Trailer For The Stephen King Adaptation

Doctor Sleep: New Trailer For The Stephen King Adaptation

By James White Posted 7 days ago

With It: Chapter Two launching successfully at the Stateside box office, we can expect the current resurgence of Stephen King adaptations to continue for a while. And attention is turning to the next one due out – Doctor Sleep, which draws on King’s own sequel novel to The Shining. See the latest trailer below, which takes a spooky trip back to the Overlook hotel.

Horror expert and avowed Shining fan Mike Flanagan writes and directs here, blending themes, story and imagery from both King’s book, The Shining novel and the iconic, controversial 1980 film from Stanley Kubrick. The story picks up follows Dan Torrance as an adult (here played by Ewan McGregor), battling alcoholism and understandably scarred by his experiences as a kid in the Overlook Hotel and the legacy of his supernatural ‘shine’ powers. Soon he meets Kyleigh Curran’s Abra, a girl who also has the ‘shine’ ability, and grows to learn about The True Knot – a predatory group led by Rebecca Ferguson’s Rose the Hat, who hunt down people with the ‘shine’.

Empire talked to Flanagan about making the movie and his Shining fandom, and you can find that in the latest issue (get more details here), and Doctor Sleep will be out in the UK on 31 October.

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