Ryan Reynolds Says Michael Bay’s 6 Underground Is ‘Action Upon Action Upon More Action’ – Exclusive Image

Ryan Reynolds Says Michael Bay’s 6 Underground Is ‘Action Upon Action Upon More Action’ – Exclusive Image

By Ben Travis Posted 11 days ago

Michael Bay doesn’t do intimate or introspective – he does BIG. Big, loud, fast, and then bigger, louder, even faster. This, after all, is the guy behind The Rock and Armageddon and Bad Boys, and the Transformers movies, and a cinematic style he himself coined as “fucking the frame”. For his next movie – taking a break from the world of the robots in disguise – Bay is bringing that epic adrenaline-pumped sensibility to the small screen in big-budget Netflix film 6 Underground. According to its star, Ryan Reynolds, it’s all about what Bay does best: action, action, action.

“This is certainly an old-school Michael Bay spectacle film – it’s just action upon action upon more action,” Reynolds tells Empire in an exclusive interview in the new Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker issue. “I was excited to work with Michael on more of an old-school version of a Michael Bay movie: no giant robots chasing anybody, no Transformers or Decepticons. But it’s still very fucking crazy. We joked a lot [on set] that no explosions were harmed in the making of this movie. There were a lot of explosions.”

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