CFM SPORTCAST Ep 6 - with Cumbrian Skier turned Filmmaker

CFM SPORTCAST Ep 6 - with Cumbrian Skier turned Filmmaker

    By Andrew Watson Posted 10 days ago

    Cameron Hall, 36, says people find it difficult to believe he learned to ski on a dry slope.

    However, it was those early lessons on a short, dry ski slope at Keswick School which sowed the seeds of a passion which would stay with him throughout his life and spawn a highly successful business.

    The ski instructor turned filmmaker and entrepreneur spoke with Sportcast as he gets to return to Cumbria to showcase the “Return to Send’er” film which showcases some of the Worlds elite skiers.

    We discuss how he got into the sport from his days in Cumbria, to ski instructing in Canada and Dubai, which lead him to film making…


    CFM SPORTCAST - Episode 6 with Cameron Hall

    Visit for tickets to Holmlands special screening of “Return to Send’er” at the Rheged Centre on Wednesday 6th November, 7pm.

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